Getting Students Started

Gradually introduce students to blogging:

  • Teach students the etiquette of online posting.
  • Invite students to comment on your blog for a few days just for fun, just to see how it works.After they have experimented with fun comments, ask them to comment on posts related to learning.
  • Consider offering comments on blogs as an optional activity to a traditional paper and pencil assignment. Let them blog instead of completing a journal entry, filling out a reading log or something similar.
  • Keep blogging focused on a class-related topic.
  • Remind students to keep entries short and concise, emphasize reflection.
  • Once students have demonstrated an understanding of etiquette and Internet safety rules, consider allowing them to create their own blogs. They will need an email address for this, and the best way to do this is to get parents involved in setting this up and monitoring their children's blogging.
  • Encourage students with their own blogs to provide feedback on each other's blogs.
  • Be an active participant in student blogging.
Be sure to check out the resources in the sidebar of this blog for guided learning challenges.

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